"Cindy Marinangel is a stunning and totally classy Annie, a joy to watch in costumes that highlight her magnificent figure, while her ability to totally embrace the meaning of her lines allows her to deliver them so the audience stays on her side, even when she turns out to be an adulterer."
-Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld.com/Los Angeles.

"...when Henry argues with his actress wife Annie (Cindy Marinangel), about what distinguishes 'real' writing from dross... it's a crackling interchange that showcases these two formidable actors' abilities."
-F. Kathleen Foley, The Los Angeles Times

"Marinangel's stunning presence on stage often makes it difficult to watch anyone else. Her performance is layered with vulnerability and real gusto." - Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles Online (t2conline.com)

"Cindy Marinangel's playful, flirty Annie schemes her way through romance."
-Mary Mallory, Tolucan Times

"Annie, (tthe amazing Cindy Marinangel), is Max's actual wife, who is desperately in love with Henry. Annie is spirited and idealistic. And so begins their extramarital affair."
-Cathy Wayne, NoHoArtsDistrict.com

Featured on Backstage Live as an
"Up and Coming Actress."

"Of the eleven actors who over or under-act their way through this witty script, only Cindy Marinangel as the constantly randy whore Cherie, has captured the tongue-in-cheek spirit of Eyen's script."
Women Behind Bars
-Jack Helbig, Daily Herald (Chicago)

"Cindy Marinangel brings both va-va-va-voom and veracity to her part as Jacqueline Tempest, the hooker with the heart of gold. Played with enough of a hard edge to be realistic, she also captures the real emotions of a woman who resents being objectified, despite her profession. As Jacqueline comes to know the stories of Charley and Moe over the course of the evening, including a sad but not unexpected twist, her affection for them cannot be measured by an hourly rate."
Ted Mahne - Times Picayune Review

"I really need to thank you SO much for making the Fox "Good Day LA" segment "perfect." It was "your" professionalism, poise, & amazing ability to absorb & articulate last minute information given to you that was "beyond" impressive. I do hope the near future will find us working together, once again, on other creative television projects." - Madeline Rothschild, Producer: "Weddings on a Budget"

"Thank you so much for Cindy-she was SOOOOOOOOOO interesting. Yah, she's gorgeous, but in an odd, over the top kinda way. I mean, there I was in my triage session with a couple of normal actor boys and girls and then-there was this PRESENCE, with this VOICE. It was OBVIOUS that she was either royalty, mega Eurotrash, or VERY UNUSUAL. After talking with her, I decided she's very unusual. I feel she should go toward broad, OUT THERE comedy. Because she is an OUT THERE BROAD in my opinion. And FYI, she's a VERY good actress. VERY proficient."
-Lesly Kahn, Acting Teacher

"Cindy Marinangel is refreshingly frank as Tom's caustic and mercenary mistress, the only honest character in the basket."
Complexity -Martin Herandez, L.A. Weekly

"Cindy makes her show fun and fills it with great info. that her listeners can immediately incorporate into their lives. She achieves this with her spot-on questions and her fantastic energy. Her genuine interest in her guest is apparent and doing her show was an absolute blast!"
-Jill Kirsh, Top Colorist

"As far as radio hosts are concerned, Cindy Marinangel is fantastic! She is comfortable and fun to interview with! I had a blast doing her show, because Cindy guided the interview in a professional way and also got to the heart of the matter by asking the most interesting questions. I can't wait to do another interview with her!"
-Donna Spangler: Actress, Model and Author of "How To Get A Rich Man"