Cindy was born to perform and did everything from stage plays, musicals and dance shows to cheerleading and poms in her native Chicagoland area. She has been playing leading roles since Kindergarten, (where she first exhibited her outstanding memory by literally mouthing all of her fellow actor's lines.)

Fast forward to Chicago's Piper Alley where she landed her first Chicago audition for the long-running show "Tony & Tina's Wedding". Initially cast in the most basic of roles, her caustic wit and Second City training caught the attention of producers and led to her playing Tina. She later reprised her roles both in Las Vegas and in the Tony & Tina's Off-Broadway tour. Several other shows followed, garnishing excellent reviews.

Hollywood soon beckoned and it wasn't long before she began landing film roles. Cindy has starred opposite Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst and Tim Bagley. She has had leading roles in both short and full-length features that have run the festival circuits.

Cindy has also been breaking into television both in the acting and hosting arenas. She was honored to portray Princess Di in Lee Major's "Forbidden Secrets", and has landed leading roles in several pilots. A natural dancer and choreographer, she has utilized her talents in several music videos as well.

As a great lover of action, Cindy is an accomplished snow and water skier, is a hard-hitting, left-handed first basewoman for her softball team and does everything from salsa and tango to belly dancing for fun.

Cindy's husky voice has been utilized for numerous voice-over spots. Her adeptness for both comedy and drama has ensured her casting versatility, and her enthusiasm for "The Biz" is contagious. Cindy intends to be acting when she's eighty!